Dual WAN Router

Dual WAN Routers are the perfect solution for millions of businesses in the US that rely on a broadband internet connection to conduct business, communicate with others and share large data files. With so many regions in the US with more than one available broadband internet connection available, many businesses including small enterprises are combining more than one broadband technology (cable, DSL and satellite) with the help of a dual WAN router. A dual WAN router simply makes it possible for an organization or individual to have two simultaneous broad band connections. There are many advantages to this network set up including; the redundancy factor which ultimately raises online access reliability, improved speed and performance and a relatively affordable price.

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Add Internet Access Redundancy with a Dual WAN Router

For many businesses big and small, being connected to the internet is a top priority, however even with the improvements in technology over the last few years, loss of connection and drop outs are still a common occurrence. For those businesses that require a much more reliable hook up to the internet, one way to add reliability and redundancy is with a dual WAN router. With a dual WAN router, you can simultaneously connect to more than one broadband connection. For instance, if in your area, you are offered both DSL and cable internet broadband, you can subscribe to both all under one connection. Not only will you boost reliability and added redundancy in case either service experiences technical difficulties, but your performance can be boosted as well.

Combine Two Broadband Connections with a Dual WAN Router

If you are one of the millions that have two or more internet broadband connections available to you, you can combine these two services and receive one powerful internet broadband connection with the help of a dual WAN router. Dual WAN routers make it simple to aggregate two types of connections, (including DSL, cable and even satellite). Obviously, if you are a small or large business owner that relies heavily on your networks connection, having more than one can not only improve reliability, but also give you a boost in performance.

Features Found on High Quality Dual WAN Routers

If you are interested in a dual WAN router for your business, one of the things you should be aware of is the many features that can be found on these items. Features can include outbound load balancing and inbound load balancing which helps manage your data boosting performance in many cases usually dependent on the type and speed of your broadband internet connection, QOS (quality of service) which is a technology that makes sure critical data makes it to its destination in a timely, efficient manner, virus filtering and intrusion detection, VPN support and the ability to filter your web connection (denying access to certain sites).