VOIP QOS: Technology to Ensure Quality Communications

VOIP QOS simply means the quality of service your voice over internet protocol service or software offers your business or organization. Businesses have found that the low cost and easy implementation of VOIP service can save them thousands of dollars a year in both domestic and international calls. While at first VOIP rolled out slowly, as more and more innovations to this technology have been made and many companies started offering and marketing it aggressively, many businesses are now seriously looking into this technology as a solution for their communications.

While quality has grown in leaps and bounds, there are still some reservations regarding this technology. VOIP QOS is a way to help ensure your connection is the highest quality possible. Some things to consider with VOIP QOS is the latency (time or delay in a packet of data being delivered), Jitter (when there is a variation in timing with packet delivery), and the loss of packets usually due to too much traffic on the network.

Small businesses, large corporations and even individuals that are interested in VOIP QOS look to ensuring that the people they communicate with receive a clear and uninterrupted stream of data. For most people that have used VOIP, there has been mixed feelings. On one hand, you can usually carry on a decent conversation, however, every so often and depending on the network more often than not, you might encounter echoes, long delays in a message being transmitted, strange sounds due to jitter and to some degree even a few dropped calls. While practically all individuals and businesses have been used to the pretty much flawless performance of land line phone calls, the ability to save so much money on domestic and international calls have driven this technology forward.

There are many solutions to help improve VOIP communications, one way is with VOIP QOS appliances. VOIP QOS appliances usually prioritize streams of data; this way critical data from your conversation has an improved likelihood of reaching its destination without any of the above difficulties such as drop outs, latency and jitter.

It should be noted that many VOIP QOS appliances that rely only on prioritizing streams of data usually come up short in delivering quality communications. In order to maximize VOIP QOS, it is important to not only to prioritize streams, but also allocate or reallocate network bandwidth. There are now several companies offering these solutions to businesses that require high quality VOIP connections.

In addition to reallocation of bandwidth, many solution providers usually implement multiple WAN links which includes the option to choose the most efficient WAN link on the fly. Since there are multiple WAN links, there is redundancy built in- ultimately improving reliability.

For those that would like to take advantage of affordable communication technologies such as VOIP, make sure that you choose a solutions provider that can offer comprehensive VOIP QOS services.