Comprehensive WAN Management Platforms

What is Unified Bandwidth Management? It is the combination of intelligent WAN routing / caching / optimization techniques (across one or more ISP connections), WAN security (firewall, IPS/IDS, content filtering) and the ability dynamically assign bandwidth in order to guarantee performance for mission critical applications.

Unique Hardware

The UBM platforms are each configured for specific networking hardware which is designed to make full use of the capabilities of the XRoads Operating System and its various intelligent WAN management modules.

Unique Functionality

Our intelligent MultiWAN optimization functionality improves connectivity to both the Internet and between remote sites. UBM does this through the combination of a number of unique and patented technologies.


Improves site-to-site remote office security, performance and reliability.

Internet Bonding +

Speeds up Internet downloads and offloads low priority traffic.

Bandwidth Shaping

Guarantees bandwidth for critical applications during peak usage.

Which is the Right Product?

Our enterprise UBM solutions incorporate the EdgeXOS feature set and are deployed on fast and scalable hardware platforms. Our small to mid-sized aXcel solutions are designed for specific customer requirements, i.e. traffic, shaping, session bonding, or as a content caching and delivery appliance.

Enterprise Solutions - Our enterprise solutions are fully licensed and include our complete feature set. View the complete product comparison sheet.