Best Path Routing

What is Vector Routing and how does it facilitate Best Path Routing? XRoads Networks has multiple issued patents on our intelligent WAN routing technology. These solutions automatically monitor network flows and determines the best way to route traffic in real-time based on usage (i.e. the number of sessions per link), weighting, availability, jitter, packet loss, and latency to the specific remote network.

How It Works

Once installed the EdgeXOS appliance will automatically begin to perform SLA testing to various points across the Internet. The network administrator can also create additional test points and/or they may be created dynamically based on traffic flows. The testing data includes information about the performance and accessibility of each available path to the remote points.

This route information is then send to our ZeroOutages global management system (ZOOM) for summarization and analytical analysis via our proprietrary algorithms. The ZOOM servers then provide the EdgeXOS with the most optimized routes based on the information obtained from each EdgeXOS device in the field, thus providing a truly 360 view of the Internet from the point of view of each individual EdgeXOS device by leveraging the data gathered from every other EdgeXOS device.

What makes the EdgeXOS controllers best path routing unqiue is that it can optimize the sessions traversing the WAN links without having to actually modify the WAN routes themselves. This eliminates any potential WAN table issues and provides superior performance as compared to other solutions that require WAN route modification.

Importantly, the XRoads Networks appliances (EdgeXOS appliance/controllers) do not take in to consideration the amount of bandwidth used per link for routing to remote destinations, nor the data transfer rate between the appliance and said destinations. These metrics are typically inaccurate and constantly changing to the degree that attempting to re-route sessions based on these metrics would be pointless. Further, the XRoads Networks appliances never examine our customers data, or data files, in order to determine how to route traffic as XRoads Networks treats this information with the upmost security. No information about a customers data or data files are ever stored within the EdgeXOS appliance/controlers, unless the customer specifically requests that their data be cached for faster replay.