What is Internet Bonding?

Internet bonding is the process of taking multiple internet connections and bonding them together to form one strong, reliable connection. Unlike load balancing, internet bonding combines multiple connections into one, allowing for the user to still have an internet connection if a single connection goes out. This means that if you have a 3 Mbps connection and a 6 Mbps connection, internet bonding will allow you to have one 9 Mbps connection. This will also improve download speeds within your network, as well as accelerate cloud-based applications.

While internet bonding can vastly improve your network speeds and reliability, successfully bonding connections requires the proper tools and expertise.

What is the Difference Between Internet Bonding and Load Balancing?

The main difference between internet session bonding and link load balancing is that internet bonding will take multiple Internet connections and combine them into a single connection for each individual session. For example, if you have two connections, a 4 Mbps connection and a 6 Mbps connection, bonding the internet connections will leave you with a single 10 Mbps connection for your session, significantly increasing the speed of accessing remote files, download speeds and accessing cloud-based applications.

Link load balancing allows you to balance multiple sessions across a number of Internet connections. This means that if you have two connections, a 4 Mbps and 5 Mbps connection, you can have one session go out the 4 Mbps connection and allow another session to go out to the 5 Mbps connection. While this can be useful, it does not provide the high speeds of a bonded Internet connection.

Does XRoads Networks Offer Intelligent MultiWAN Routing Appliances?

Our UBM appliances were built to support multiple WAN interfaces. We offer unique Internet Bonding, Policy Routing, Application Routing, Best Path Routing and ActiveDNS capabilities, giving our clients a level of MultiWAN management not offered by other solutions.

XRoads Networks offers a patented single-sided bonding technology which provides businesses with unique functionality that cannot be found in other bonding solutions that require devices at each end in order to combine network speeds. The EdgeXOS platform enables our clients to bind multiple diverse ISP links into one, vastly reducing traffic congestion while improving non-authenticated application download speeds. Our platform utilizes an advanced proxy service, allowing it to examine content in real-time and determine whether the best solution for increased performance is to perform session-bonding or –balancing.

What Other Services and Products Does XRoads Networks Offer?

Along with intelligent MultiWAN Internet bonding and balancing, XRoads Networks offers a number of solutions to bandwidth management and session-based acceleration products, including Flexible Cloud Connectivity, Intelligent MultiWAN Shaping, Intelligent MultiWAN Security and Flexible Branch Office Connectivity. We work with a number of the top hardware and software vendors in the industry so we can offer our clients with valuable add-on functionality to solutions that already exist and are proven to work.

We use a number of technologies that allow for MultiWAN bandwidth management and acceleration, such as: • Accelibond • ApeXcache • Adaptiband • ActiveDNS • Site2Site • XFlow

By utilizing UBM (unified bandwidth management) technology within our appliances, we have become a top developer of enterprise class MultiWAN optimization appliances. XRoads Networks’ UBM solutions assist organizations and companies that utilize cloud-based applications and the Internet through secure and reliable bandwidth management.