Next Generation Networking

ZeroOutages UBM-XG platforms are third generation network routing devices with built-in security functionality. These devices incorporate the latest generation route processors along with full SD-WAN policy routing and AI-based security services. The base systems handle over 1Gbps of bandwidth and the platform can scale up to over 100Gbps of throughput.

ORION Overview

ZeroOutages network operations team can co-manages the onsite device with our customers to ensure that secure and effective policies are in place to allow work flows but prevent any unauthorized access. The UBM-XG includes full support for VLAN networking, secondary LAN networks, as well as DHCP.

All firewall rules are managed through our global ZOOM portal which provides for both read only as well as administrative prviledges. Manage all of your firewall rules from a single pane of glass.

Accelerate CRM/ERP

When integrated with our cloud-based content filtering, or ORION cloud service services, our customers can achieve a multi-layered security solution to mitigate and protect against all aggressions.

The SD-WAN Experts

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