ZO-IP Services

Comprehensive SD-WAN solution set for ensuring fast connectivity and highly reliable access to cloud applications.

The ZeroOutages ZO-IP service is delivered through our unique SD-WAN technology and includes a Virtual IP Address, dynamic QoS, and built-in multi-layered security for superior network protection. The ZO-IP service can be deloyed anywhere within the ZeroOutages global network and ensures the best possible connectivity to our customers mission critical applications, without having to duplicate packets or waste bandwidth.

- Ensure VoIP failover in seconds, providing automated call failover, without the call dropping.

- Deploy virtual desktop services and ensure instant failover, without losing the session, bilt-in bandwidth prioritization to ensures that mission critical applications stay up and running 24/7/365.

- Seamlessly deploy remote access redundancy with ANY existing IPSec tunnel, the ZeroOutages solution can be combined with any existing firewall and/or VPN connection to provide seamless virtual private network connectivity.

ZO-IP customers also enjoy the ability to ensure bandwidth for mission critical applications, even when they don't necessarily have the best possible connectivity for a standard safe landing. ZeroOutages will dynamically shape and route cloud-applications in order to achieve the most optimize and efficient use of the network links.

ZeroOutages Data Center Map

The ZO-IP service can be upgraded to our ZO-Connect platform to establish a secure AES multi-tunnel links between multiple locations in order to create a secure private cloud. This feature set incorporates automated failover and dynamic routing to ensure 24/7 access for each branch office even in the event of a complete Internet provider failure.