XRoads Networks' has a number of options available to our channel partners, from instant sales commissions to significant discounting based on sales volume. XRoads' products include unique and patented capabilities, not found in other solutions. XRoads' has a proven track record of creating new revenue streams for our channel and giving them the tools they need to close sales.

Channel Partner Overview

Year over year our sales have consistently grown in double digits and show no signs of slowing down. In fact, the demand for our EdgeXL products have doubled over the past year. XRoads Networks is committed to growing our sales revenue through our channel partners and is constantly looking for new committed partners.

OEM Partner Overview

Looking to add capabilities to an existing solution or re-brand our existing product line? XRoads Networks has worked with a number of well known technology companies to develop new solutions based on our multilink and traffic classification architectures.

Partner Login

XRoads Networks' site for channel partners which provides the latest tools, documentation, and firmware updates to help sell and support our products.