ApeXcache: Network Caching Solution

Web Content

ApeXcache will store static page information in its database for faster retrieval of commonly accessed content. This can reduce overall usage, delay bandwidth upgrades, and improve end-user productivity.

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Improve site-to-site connectivity by deliverying content locally rather than end-users having to make requests across the WAN or VPN over and over again. ApeXcache reduces bandwidth usage and speeds up large file downloads.

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Critical Applications

Improve responsiveness for business critical CRM and ERP applications with application caching which stores all of the static content, images, buttons, etc. locally, thus reducing page load times and improving overall end-user statisfaction.

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Why an EdgeXOS Unified Bandwidth Management Solution?

Secure, Redundant, and Optimized Internet Connectivity is what XRoads Networks delivers in the worlds first Unified Bandwidth Management solutions. The questions to ask include: Is it important to delay costly bandwidth upgrades?, Would end-users be more productive with faster and more responsive applications?, Is Internet access critical to your organization?, Do your end-users ever complain about slow Internet or application access over the network? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, take a look at our comprehensive WAN management solutions.