ApeXfilter™ Protection

The UBM application filtering enables our customers to enjoy the benefits of the Internet while maintaining protection from inappropriate or harmful content and ensuring compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

The ApeXfilter provides organizations with an easy way to deploy URL filtering which prevents unauthorized access to objectionable and/or recreational sites along with sites which may provide liability issues. The global URL filter comes standard with these features:

  • Instantly allow/deny sites
  • Bypass Specific Users
  • Real-Time Web Usage Reporting
  • PreDefined Category Blocking
  • Capable of handling over 200,000 RPS

The EdgeXOS appliance combines preventative and reactive filters to protect end-users from accessing unauthorized sites. Along with access control, ALL surfing activity is monitored and recorded. Additionally through our Live Reports a network administrator can see who is accessing what sites in real-time and perform searches based on specific IP addresses and/or URLs.

Cloud-Based Content and Malware Filtering

Whenever a device on the LAN attempts to access the Internet, the URI address is checked against an internal and cloud database. URIs are passed through a series of pattern matching steps. Specific URIs can be added to a whitelist to take precedence over the filter. While application filtering can be a complex activity, the UBM solution provides improved workflows and greater efficiency for network administrators.

Application Filtering

Content filtering is simple to administer, with over 90 categories available to be blocked. The intelligent UBM security appliances work with our cloud database provide the network administrator with access to powerful application shaping and control from a single ZOOM service. Application signatures are updated automatically via the cloud, eliminating the need to manually update the URI database.