Application Delivery Platform

XRoads Networks Dynamic Bandwidth Management and ActiveDNS technologies ensure reliable and optimized application delivery. Whether you are looking to configure geographic server load balancing and failover, or guarantee bandwidth for mission critical applications, the UBM platform by XRoads Networks delivers.

With the UBM platform our customers can load balance server traffic across two or more Internet links or between multiple data centers. With the UBM platform customers can also assign and allocate bandwidth for specific types of traffic and/or prioritize bandwidth for specific end-users.

The Unified Bandwidth Management appliances provide an excellent platform for assigning bandwidth on a per network, per server, or per user basis. Our policy-based shaping enable customers to apply granular rules to how bandwidth is used and how much bandwidth is allocated for each designated policy (based on network, subnet, IP address, src/dst, port, protocol, or matching URL).