Dynamic Bandwidth Management

While there are many solutions on the market today which offer bandwidth management and application filtering, few enable dynamic bandwidth management with built-in scalable performance. The EdgeXOS platform incorporates application throttling/filtering, along with dynamic shaping (shaping based on utilization), policy-based shaping (to guarantee bandwidth for VoIP, or other critical applications, and built-in multi-WAN support for simply bandwidth scalability.

The ApeXfilter also has the ability to manage bandwidth on a per-user basis using Active Directory integration and report on that utilization. Please contact an XRoads' network consultant for further details on this solution.

Improving WAN Efficiency

This feature achieves additional WAN efficiency in order to extend the duration of your existing bandwidth level before additional upgrades are required. This can result in significant savings for each month in which an upgrade is delayed through the optimized use of existing bandwidth. View the product comparison to see which product fits your specific needs.

XRoads' UBM products can be employed by Internet Service Providers, Banks, HealthCare, Law Firms, Multi-Tenant Buildings, Hospitality Providers, Universities / School Districts and Government organizations.

Guarantee Bandwidth for Critical Applications

XRoads' Dynamic Bandwidth Management ensures that only mission critical applications are allowed when bandwidth is being heavily consumed. The Adaptiband and ApeXfilter technology built-in to the EdgeXOS platform can automatically detect when the amount of bandwidth being used could create problems for core applications, when this happens the various shaping and filtering modules will begin blocking specific application traffic that is designated as low priority.

Stop Bandwidth Hogs by Throttling Abusive Traffic

DBM will automatically throttle end-user traffic which exceeds pre-defined levels and ensure that mission critical applications always get the bandwidth they need. While other "traffic shaping" solutions must identify every possible application in order to shape it, DBM instead identifies traffic based on session flows. This means that unlike other "traffic shaping" solutions, the EdgeXOS platform can automatically throttle ANY application as soon as it comes out.

Bandwidth filtering is the ability to filter traffic on an applicaion level instead of just web sites. Bandwidth filtering allows organizations to determine that certain applications, which access specific sites, should not be allowed to utilize precious network resources, or at least not during period of high utilization.

Granular Policy-Based Control

Using the policy-based shaping a network administrator can set specific and exact (down to 10Kbps) bandwidth usage rules. What this means is that the administrator has complete control to allocate bandwidth as they choose and guarantee that certain servers, end-users, applications get the bandwidth they need.

Optimized Application Delivery

The DBM module is able to effectively optimize the delivery of critical applications by ensuring that those applications receive the amount of bandwidth they need in order to provide end-users with real-time and responsive connectivity. Some of the applications DBM optimizes include: