Multiple WAN Traffic Shaping

With the ability to shape and allocate bandwidth based on differnet networks, based on different groups of end-users, and based on different applications, the XRoads' solution provide an excellent solution for controlling Internet services across one or multiple wide-area network connections.

The dynamic shaping capabilities of the UBM appliances have been deployed within ISP and WISP networks, multi-tenant sites, as well as schools and universities. Easily assign bandwidth based on network, IP address, protocol, port, or application.

What is traffic shaping?

There are several methods to shape the available bandwidth in order to improve performance for certain types of traffic over other types of traffic. These methods include queuing, allocation, and throttling. The UBM platforms support each of these methods. Queuing is the ability to place traffic in different queues which are emptied in order of preference. Allocation is the ability to assign a certain amount of bandwidth to one type of traffic and a different amount of bandwidth to another type of traffic. Throttling is the ability to slow down specific types of traffic based on the number of packets that are allowed to leave the network interface within a set period of time, this translates to a certain amount of bandwidth.

What is "dynamic" shaping?

Dynamic bandwidth shaping is the ability to adjust how the various shaping methods are employed based on the real-time status of the network traffic moving through the shaping appliance. Each UBM appliance incorporates our unique dynamic bandwidth management capabilities.

The UBM appliances are able to continuously analyze traffic flows and make adjustments to the various shaping policies based on the thresholds defined by the network administrator. This allows the administrator to setup general rules for shaping traffic and then allow the UBM appliance to automatically adjust the bandwidth without further intervention.

What is MultiWAN Traffic Shaping?

The UBM platforms have the unique ability to perform dynamic bandwidth management across multiple WAN links. This enables network administrators to easily scable bandwidth and provide automated redundancy in a single platform.

Use the UBM appliances to allocate bandwidth based on the type of end-user or the type of application. Throttle bandwidth hogs automatically without having to make manuel policy changes. Guarnatee bandwidth for critical applications like VoIP and Citrix.