Accelibond™ Internet Bonding

XRoads Networks unique and patented session bonding technology allows our customers to combine their various Internet links in order to obtain ffaster connectivity for any type of web application. Unlike other solutions which can not bond SSL and/or require multiple devices, the UBM platforms by XRoads Networks do not have these requirements and do not have the overhead that is required by other solutions.

With XRoads Networks session-bonding you can combine a 30Mbps link with a 50Mbps link to achieve total throughput of 80Mbps for yoyr cloud applications. Our Accelibond functionality provides for HTTP/HTTPS bonding and acceleration unlike any other solution on the market today.

Our bandwidth bonding appliances allow customers to fully utilize each of their Internet links. Get rid of backup only links and actually use the bandwidth that you are paying for, the UBM platform by XRoads Networks allows our customers to bond the links together with built-in and automated failover in the event of a network outage.