BANKING Solutions

We have deployed the UBM appliances to both our main and remote branches, last week our service provider suffered a major outage, taking down many of the businesses in our city, but we stayed up and running thanks to XRoads Networks solutions. I can't say enough about how great it is to work with such a dedicated team. We are saving over $1000 every month in telecommunication costs.


Unique bandwidth management features ensure that our customers maintain the highest levels of WAN efficiency and redundancy. Reduce costs, increase performance for end-users, and add an easy path for future bandwidth upgrades with XRoads.

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Many of our banking customers have multiple branches, XRoads' UBM platform includes high performance VPN connectivity that can actually combine multiple WAN links between sites, which means faster site-to-site connectivity and automated redundancy.

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Know exactly how your WAN is being utilized, which applications and users are taking up the most bandwidth. XRoads' can help you to use this information to get more from your existing bandwidth thus delaying upgrades and reducing costs.

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