Citrix Solutions

Accelerate Citrix applications using intelligent MultiWAN routing. XRoads Networks products complement Citrix solutions by enabling the use of multiple WAN links for greater security, performance and redundancy.

The Citrix environment requires highly resilient network connectivity and XRoads Networks appliances provide just that using two or more WAN connections. The EdgeXOS platforms support a wide range of connectivity options, from DSL and cable to DS3 and metro Ethernet.

Prioritize and Guarantee Bandwidth for CITRIX Deployments

As a member of the Citrix partner network the EdgeXOS platform is designed to improve the performance of Citrix deployments by guaranteeing bandwidth for end-users and ensuring that non-Citrix applications are not able to saturate the network, which traditionally has slowed down Citrix sessions.

Branch Repeater (WANScaler)

Improve performance between the data center and remote sites through MultiWAN optimization and caching techniques.


Improvie performance for Citrix clients by utilizing multiple broadband links to spread the load and improve responsiveness.


Inteligently load balance application requests across multiple servers and provide automated failover in the event of an outage.

Branch Repeater

XRoads Networks ensures that your critical data is quickly distributed between sites with only minor secondary data requests through various WAN optimization and caching capabilities in addition to the unique ability to also utilize multiple broadband links in order to improve runtime communications in these real-time environments.

Branch Repeater Appliance

XRoads Networks appliances are 100% compatible with Citrix's branch repeater (WANScaler) appliances. The EdgeXOS platform is a natural compliment to improve the WAN links connectivity to the branch repeaters.


XRoads Networks improves responsiveness and uptime for Citrix XenApp deployments. With the ability to automatically failover and re-route application traffic, the EdgeXOS platform ensures that Citrix clients stay up and running which improves productivity. The EdgeXOS platform includes built-in optimization features to improve TCP performance and cache large updates to remote offices. With its MultiWAN capabilities the EdgeXOS provides both local and remote redundancy using inexpensive broadband connections.

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The EdgeXOS platform by XRoads Networks enables inbound Citrix clients to easily be balanced amoung mutiple XenServer clusters across of the LAN and WAN. The ability to provide this type of application routing dramtically improves performance and responsiveness for remote Citrix clients and increases availability in the event of a significant network outage.