Government Solutions

The public demands access to government services and the most efficent way to deliver many of these services is through the Internet. While the Internet is cost effective it is also vulnerable to network outages, hack attempts, and natural disasters. The EdgeXOS platform provides comprehensive network outage prevent services by continuously monitor each active broadband connection and instantly failing over in the event of an outage. Ensure uptime and responsive resources for the public with XRoads Networks.

Government Solutions Guide

Find out how to improve your sites network connectivity with XRoads Networks.

Why The EdgeXOS?

The EdgeXOS platform provides a complete unified solution for automated network failover and failback, along with built-in bandwidth management features, including our unique DBM module which prevents any individual user or small group of users from slowing down the network and/or taking all of the available network resources. Prevent all types of downtime.

Active Network Redundancy (ActiveHA)

When an emergency occurs, the first place people turn to is the local and national government institutions. It is critical that during these times that the services provided by these institutions are available and accessible to the community. ActiveHA provides automated and instant network failover in the event of a significant event such as a natural disaster or even a simple network outage.

Dynamic Bandwidth Management (DBM)

Optimize access to remote sites and between remote users and the data center. Beyond WAN optimization the EdgeXOS provides the ability to bond multiple broadband links to provide additional site-to-site bandwidth, and ensure automated redundancy in the event of an ISP outage.

Web Bonding w/Acceleration (MSA)

Provide internal users with true link bonding across two or more broadband connections in order to acces remote sites utilizing specialized caching and session splitting techniques which improves overall throughput and responsiveness.

Stateful Cloud Firewall (SCF)

Protect the network from potential hack attempts and secure web-based communications from viruses, spyware, malware, and other malicious websites which are accessed by internal staff every day.

How To Implement?

The EdgeXOS platform is typically implemented in one of two ways, either placed in "NAT Mode" in which all traffic is NAT'd between the WAN links and the LAN switch, or placed in "Bridge Mode" where the WAN1 traffic is bridged through to the LAN switch, this means that the LAN is enable to communicate directly with the WAN1 firewall/routers gateway IP address without any changes to the existing network. Any additional WAN routers would be NAT'd and/or proxy'd by the EdgeXOS appliance.

Which Products?

The EdgeXOS platform comes in two forms, a fully licensed version called the UBM series, and a solution specific version called 'aXcel'. The 'aXcel' solution is designed to be scalable and can be license upgraded and typically has a lower entry price point vs. a similar UBM solution.