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The HealthCare sector is under-going dramatic change in terms of information technology. New federal requirements mean that health care providers must begin digitizing their records in order to improve care and productivity.

One of these new requirements is to ensure that all records are stored offsite via online databases. This requires that health care providers have fast and reliable network connectivity. The EdgeXOS platform is a global leader in delivering Unified Bandwidth Management™ capabilities which ensures 99.999% uptime and optimized access to the Internet and/or cloud-based applications.

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HealthCare Providers Choose The EdgeXOS Platform

Health care organizations choose XRoads Networks for two primary reasons: Our product, the EdgeXOS platform is the most universal bandwidth management solution on the market today, with a host of incorporated features and functionality specifically designed to keep the network up and running at full speed. Our people, the support team at XRoads is unsurpassed, when you speak to one of our support engineers, they really are an engineer, not an entry level technician. Our number one goal is to provide a value-based service, and that is what we do.


The health care industry MUST begin to fully utilize the power of the Internet. With new cloud-based services coming online specifically for the health care industry it is now more important than ever to ensure that you have fast and reliable connectivity to the Internet. The EdgeXOS platform provides the best way to implement a flexible and inexpensive solution to provide both faster/optimized connectivity to the Internet and full redundancy in the event of a network outage.


With the EdgeXOS platform health care providers are not only able to connect multiple inexpensive broadband connections for faster connectivity to the Internet, but they can also proioritize application traffic to ensure that mission critical applications are always available when they are needed. Additionally the EdgeXOS platform incorporates automated failover so that in the event of a broadband link outage the EdgeXOS ensures continuous connectivity through remaining active links. Finally the EdgeXOS platform incorporates site-to-site optimized VPN capabilities so that traffic between multiple offices can be accelerated across the multiple links, a type of Internet-based MPLS network.

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For heath care deployments where ensuring quality of service and the ability to easily and inexpensively add bandwidth, the EdgeXOS appliance is a cost-effective way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Additional bandwidth through link balancing, throttling and prioritization for each doctor, nurse, health care provider.

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