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The EdgeXOS platform is a global leader in delivering unified bandwidth management capabilities to the hospitality industry. With hundreds of deployments worldwide in hotels like Marriott, Wyndham, Radisson, Holiday Inn, and Best Western the EdgeXOS platform has proven its ability to be quickly deployed and deliver immediate results.

With XRoads Networks unique session-bonding technology our hotel customers are able to get the most out of their Internet connections. Not just load balancing, like older technology, but true Internet bonding for faster guest access to Internet websites and cloud-based services. Get the most out of your Internet!

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Four Seasons Selects The EdgeXOS Platform

The Four Seasons Los Angeles choose the EdgeXOS appliance to deliver faster Internet connectivity to their clients and provide automated failover in the event of an ISP outage. Additionally the EdgeXOS appliance is used to provide rate-shaping and bandwidth allocation for conference rooms, where the hotel can charge fees based on speed and usage duration.

Hotel patrons are increasingly requiring fast, responsive Internet access which is available 24/7. When the Internet is slow or down guest can become quickly dis-satisfied with the hotel which could prevent future stays. It is also important for the hotel operator to have some control over how the Internet is being utilized in order to ensure that all guest are able to have a positive experience.

Deployment of the EdgeXOS appliance with two or more ISP connections ensures that guest have adequate bandwidth and that in the event of a link outage that the hotel's Internet service will continue to work. Additionally with the EdgeXOS's built-in dynamic bandwidth management features, the hotel network administration can ensure fair distribution of network resources. Finally, with our network access control (NAC) capabilities the hotel can ensure that guest either provide login information and/or agree to a liability statement, thus releasing the hotel of potential legal issues.

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For hospitality deployments where ensuring quality of service and the ability to easily and inexpensively add bandwidth, the EdgeXOS appliance is a cost-effective way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Additional bandwidth through link balancing, throttling and prioritization for each end-user / conferance room, and a separately define network for the wireless zone.

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