Law Office Deployments

Attorney have an ever greater need for access to resources on the Internet, and are communicating with the courts more and more via email and online systems. For this reason it is critical that firms ensure reliable access to the Internet. XRoads Networks platform allow these firmware to connect two or more Internet links from various network providers in order to ensure 24/7 uptime for their attorneys.

Additionally, XRoads' session-based bonding functionality improve performance for SSL-based applications like LexisNexis, Legal Forms, and other cloud-based services for lawyers.

Law Firm Solutions Guide

Find out how to improve your practices network connectivity with XRoads Networks.

Why The EdgeXOS?

The EdgeXOS platform provides a complete unified solution for remote offices and connectivity to the data center resources. With XRoads Networks your network stays up and running, even in the event of a complete network outage. Data Center, Remote Lawyers, and Legal Partners Need 100% Uptime

MultiWAN Optimization (S2S)

Optimized access to remote branches, remote users and the data center. Beyond WAN optimization the EdgeXOS includes the ability to bond multiple broadband links to provide additional site-to-site bandwidth, and ensure automated redundancy in the event of an link outage.

Server Load Balancing (SLB)

Balance HTTP, SSL and other forms of traffic across multiple servers to provide faster responsiveness for end-users. SLB includes full session persistence to ensure that users stay connected even across multiple site logins.

Stateful Cloud Firewall (SCF)

Protect the network from potential threats with a solution which maintains the six core areas of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standard.

Active Inbound Link Balancing (ActiveDNS)

Automatically balance server traffic across multiple Internet connections using weighted parameters and availability metrics.

Active Network Redundancy (ActiveHA)

Maintain uptime using our network probing and deep path inspection technologies.

How To Implement?

The EdgeXOS platform is typically implemented in one of two ways, either placed in "NAT Mode" in which all traffic is NAT'd between the WAN links and the LAN switch, or placed in "Bridge Mode" where the WAN1 traffic is bridged through to the LAN switch, this means that the LAN is enable to communicate directly with the WAN1 routers gateway IP address without any changes to the existing network. Any additional WAN routers would be NAT'd and/or proxy'd by the EdgeXOS appliance.

Which Products?

The EdgeXOS platform comes in two forms, a fully licensed version called the UBM series, and a solution specific version called 'aXcel'. The 'aXcel' solution is designed to be scalable and can be license upgraded and typically has a lower entry price point vs. a similar UBM solution.