Microsoft Solutions

XRoads Networks has partnered with the worldwide leader in software to develop fast, secure and highly available solutions for key Microsoft® products.

The EdgeXOS appliances optimize network connectivity to improve application delivery. The functionality includes optimized content delivery, accelerated server access, and real-time network monitoring and application failover in the event of an infrastructure outage.

Server Balancing & Failover

As a member of the Microsoft partner network XRoads Networks delivers a number of value add capabilities to various Microsoft server software applications. For customers that are looking to ensure fast and reliable connectivity to their Microsoft servers, the EdgeXOS delivers via our infrastructure assurance program. This program includes:

Server Load Balancing (SLB)

Balance HTTP, SSL and other traffic across multiple servers to provide faster responsiveness for end-users. SLB includes full session persistence to ensure that users stay connected even across multiple site logins.

Active Network Redundancy (ActiveHA)

Maintain 99.999% uptime using our network probing and deep path inspection technologies which will automatically re-route and failover traffic from one link to the other and then back again once the link has been restored.

Dynamic Bandwidth Management (DBM)

Automatically shape network traffic so that each end user gets fair and equal access to the available bandwidth. Prevent P2P users from slowing down other users, gurantee VoIP, Citrix, and other critical applications get the bandwidth they require.

Ensure reliable and accelerated access to Exchange server through the EdgeXOS platform and multiple network paths. Improve the ROI for the Microsoft Exchange by placing the EdgeXOS appliance in front of your server in order to deliver greater uptime and automated failover (when used in conjuction with multiple available paths). XRoads Networks can also offload SMTP access across secondary WAN links in order to improve performance for other realtime applications. Utilize XRoads Networks' anti-spam services to filter unwanted emails prior to delivery, thus saving time and server resources.

Improve responsiveness and availability to the Dynamics CRM through XRoads Networks link/server load balancing and content caching. XRoads Networks improves responsiveness and uptime for Microsoft Dynamics deployments. With the ability to automatically failover and re-route application traffic, the EdgeXOS platform ensures that Dynamics clients stay up and running which improves productivity. The EdgeXOS platform includes built-in optimization features to improve TCP performance for remote Dynamics users at remote offices. With its MultiWAN capabilities the EdgeXOS provides both local and remote redundancy using inexpensive broadband connections.

Add MultiWAN redundancy and scalability to the Forefront security solution. Advanced MVP Routing™ guarantees remote access availability. The EdgeXOS platform by XRoads Networks enables inbound Forefront clients to easily be balanced amoung mutiple Forefront servers, or across multiple broadband links, thus improving performance and redundancy for remote users. Forefront servers can scale better when application routing and redundancy is offloaded to the EdgeXOS appliance, thus improving overall ROI for the solution.

Inteligently load balance data backup and other Sharepoint services across multiple servers and provide automated failover in the event of an outage. Dramatically improve data backup times and reduce network usage by up to 10x using the EdgeXOS platforms WAN optimization and acceleration capabilities. Speed up access to Sharepoint files from remote sites using our S2S link bonding technology which improves download rates for SSL trafic. XRoads Networks provides automated network failove services for Sharepoint through both server and link load balancing capabilities.

Accelerate connectivity between two or more remote sites utilizing SMB common Internet file sharing. The EdgeXOS platform includes unique caching and proxy services to dramatically improve performance. XRoads Networks' EdgeXOS platform provides file download acceleration across WAN links by speeding up TCP based communications through CIFS proxy services. This content caching and optimization technology improves file download performance by up to 3x for first time downloads and up to 10x for each additional download, thus reducing bandwidth usage and end-user wait time.