Retail Deployments

The EdgeXOS platform is highly configurable and can solve a number of IT issues. Designed to sit between a customers LAN and the Internet/Intranet cloud the EdgeXOS platform provides a Unified Bandwidth Management feature set that can aggregation, secure and optimize cloud connectivity.

With that in mind XRoads Networks developed its Unified Bandwidth Management platform to ensure reliable application delivery from the data center to the individual store location. Our MVP Routing™ ensures that point-of-sale transactions take the quickest path to the remote server and that the servers themselves provide fast and balanced transaction processing.

Retail Solutions Guide

Find out how to improve your stores network connectivity with XRoads Networks.

Web 2.0 Security & Aggregation

Secure and reliable application delivery for the retailed is critical in order to maintain customer loyalty and goodwill. The goal should always be to improve the customer experience at every interaction. If at any point during the sales process a customer has a bad experience, future sales suffer.


The ability to deliver fast, secure, and reliable cloud connectivity is becoming critical to organizations of all shapes and sizes. Hospitals, retail establishments, etc. all require some form of cloud-based connectivity. Downtime is no longer an option if an organization wishes to continue operating. Security is no longer an option if an organization wishes to be connected to the cloud.


With the deployment of the EdgeXOS appliance, ATT is able to deliver guaranteed uptime, 99.999% cloud resiliency, and secure web access. The EdgeXOS allows for the connection of two or more WAN links and can balance traffic between each link for more bandwidth. Using our unique web-bonding technology, ATT is able to speed up web downloads for customers at low monthly rates in addition to providing URL filtering for all network users. By utilizing an easy to use web portal, ATT's customers are able to make changes to their own allow/deny rules and select from over 48 categories. No other solution of the market has the flexibility and comprehensive real-time security of the EdgeXOS platform.

Industry Reviews & Awards

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XRoads Networks is awarded four out of five stars in CRN labs. more

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XRoads Networks delivers on reliability and availability for voice. more

MSP Alliance

XRoads Networks is the first vendor to receive an appliance accreditation from the MSPA. more