Riverbed Solutions

XRoads Networks has partnered with Riverbed to deliver improved performance and reliability for the site-to-site connectivity. The Riverbed solution is the market leader in WAN optimization.

XRoads Networks' solutions add the ability to scale bandwidth between the sites via our patented link and tunnel bonding technology. Simply deploy a Site2Site enabled EdgeXOS appliance between two Riverbed appliances and it will automatically distribute the data flowing between the sites across each available WAN link at each site, this is called MultiWAN Optimization.

Adding MULTIWAN to your RIVERBED Deloyment

By combining the Riverbed and XRoads Networks solutions a customer can significantly improve application speed and responsiveness as well as speed up database access and file transfers.

MPLS Replacement - Improve file transfers and database access by combining two, three or more Internet links and replace your existing MPLS connectivity. Customers can save thousands per site per year by replacing their existing MPLS connectivity with multiple broadband Internet connections. With Riverbed and XRoads Networks customers can experience similar perfornace as an MPLS connection but with additional reliability and scalability no possible with standard MPLS deployments.

Reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your WAN with XRoads Networks. Customers who have already deployed a Riverbed solution can realize a faster ROI by implementing an in-line EdgeXOS platform per Riverbed deployment in order to intelligently fully utilize each WAN link in order to further improve performance and reduce monthly expenses.