Support Programs

XRoads Networks support is located in the USA, with offices on both the East and West coast in order to provide the best support possible. Our policy is a one call issue resolution, i.e. we do not hand you off between different tiers of engineers. You always get a tier-one engineer who can resolve your issue or find the answer and get back to you.

360 Installation Support

XRoads Networks includes 7am to 7pm EST support. Customers with support contracts can extend that coverage to after-hours and weekend coverage. See our support options below for more details, including our unique hardware replacement program.

In order to provide our customers with a quick and easy deployment XRoads Networks offers our 360-Installation Support program. 360 support provides customers with a dedicated support technician to walk-through the initial configuration parameters, methods for installation, and general product training Q&A. Simply schedule a support installation with your project manager at least 24 hours in advance and a support engineer will contact you at the scheduled time. Additional phone and remote configuration assistance is also provided along with ticket tracking. The support technician may also generate a network diagram to assist in the deployment process which would be provided to the customer for future reference.

Annual Phone & Platform Maintenance Support*

This is our US-based phone and firmware support option and is designed to provide phone and remote configuration assistance along with firmware updates when needed. Configuration and troubleshooting phone support is handled on a call back basis by a network technician, with emergency support provided via the ticket system typically within an hour of the initial ticket time. This support level also provides for ticket escalation as needed. Tier-1 support call-back hours are from 7am to 7pm EST. If you have any major changes that you plan to make, please schedule a support call at least 24 hours in advance so that we can have an engineer on stand-by. Customers that have continous service for three years are granted a credit for a hardware replacement.

Annual Support Includes:

  • Phone Support w/Remote Configuration Assistance
  • Advanced Support via our 7am to 7pm EST Engineering Team (tier-1 support)
  • Feature Development Requests via our Award Winning Development Team
  • Full Remote Configuration Assistance (where we make changes for you)
  • Automated Device Monitoring (with instant failure and email alerting)
  • Limited Hardware Warranty Coverage (extensible beyond three years from purchase)
  • Unlimited Access to our Latest Firmware Updates
Telephone Support 24/7 Call Center
One Business Day Response Time Same Day / Typically Under One Hour Ticket Response
Firmware Patches yes
Annual Firmware Upgrade yes

Hardware Replacement Program

This program is designed to provide customers which have had continuous support on their EdgeXOS appliances with a hardware credit at the end of their initial three years of support. Customers can use this credit for a substantially discounted or FREE hardware replacement (the amount of the credit depending on support contract level) with an existing model and/or offset the purchase of a new hardware platform with an upgraded model with superior specifications. For more information about this program, please contact an XRoads Networks sales representative.

After-Hours Support Upgrade

This support upgrade gives customers priority access to our support team with the ability to obtain scheduled phone support after hours and during the weekend. Priority access means that your tickets will be immediately escalated and are the first to be addressed by our engineering team. Gold support also gives our customers the ability to make feature requests to be added to our product roadmap.

After hours and weekend support must be pre-scheduled in advance to ensure that a level 2 technician is available to assist when needed.

24/7 Support Upgrade

This support level provides direct engineering support and is designed for customers that are looking for around the clock access to a dedicated support engineer. This level of support provides 24x7 dedicated technical support and can be used to provide the customer with scheduled monthly maintenance activities as well as firmware patches, configuration changes and other requested system changes on a scheduled basis. In addition, Platinum customers have access to our firmware development program where direct customer feedback is used to develop new feature sets which may be tailored to the customers specific needs.

Support Incidents unlimited
Telephone Support 24/7 Call Center
24/7 Response Time 4-Hour Guarantee
Firmware Patches yes
Annual Firmware Upgrade yes
Dedicated Engineer yes

Enhanced Hardware Warranty w/Spare-In-The-Air*

This support package includes an enhanced hardware warranty for the advanced replacement of EdgeXOS appliances in the event of a hardware failure during or after the first year of service. To qualify for the enhanced warranty and/or spare-in-the-air replacement this extension must be purchased within the first year of ownership and be continuously renewed without a lapse in the program. For the spare-in-the-air portion of this program to apply during the first year of service this extension must be purchased within sixty days of the product purchase date. This program is valid only for appliances which are within three years of purchase (or within three years of a hardware replacement, see hardware replacement program) and includes the following features:

  • Spare-In-The-Air (advanced replacement, 24-hour overnight shipping US customers only)
  • Enhanced Warranty Including NIC/Power Supply (not covered by limited warranty)
  • Extended Hardware Warranty (requires enrollment within one year from date of purchase, and can extend the sales agreement warranty up to three years)
  • Overnight Shipping (within the US, first available internationally)
  • Full Shipping Reimbursement

* Note: The enhanced warranty and spare-in-the-air option is an extension of XRoads Networks sales agreement which specifies that any appliance purchased from XRoads Networks is warranted under our sales agreement for one-year and provides for a single hardware replacement. By extending the warranty under this program you can add advanced replacement to the warranty provided under the sales agreement and extend that warranty up to three years for any new EdgeXOS platform. If you have any questions about this program, please contact an XRoads Networks sales representative.

Reinstatement & Support Contract Discounting

All support contracts purchased within 30-days of the appliance purchase are essentially discounted 15%. This is also true for all renewals which are paid within 30 days of the renewal date. If a support contract is not purchased within the first 30-days after an appliance purchase, or a contract is not renewed once its term has been completed, then a 15% surcharge applies. The surcharge is added to the amount because of the added time necessary to build the customer information file which is typically done during the installation process if support is included with the purchase. Please be aware of these additional amounts when deciding whether and when to purchase support for the EdgeXOS platform. All MSRP pricing is quoted at the standard rate.

* Note: XRoads Networks does not allow license transfers beyond the initial sales chain thus we can not provided extended warranties or support contracts for third parties beyond the initial sales chain. We recommend that end customers not attempt to resell our products to third parties as XRoads Networks can not provide support for such products and does not support such license transfers.