Secure End-Point Solutions

XRoads Networks EdgeXOS provided a layered security solution, where security can be deployed at the networks edge and on the organizations end-point devices for even greater overall secuurity. The XOS end-point security solutions are supported on desktop, mobile and tablet platforms.

What Is The XOS Endpoint Client?

End-point client is a small software client which is loaded on to each end-users computer which will employ web content filtering. The client enables user-based reporting and filtering of Internet content, including preventing malware, spyware and other Internet born viruses.

During this time the Internet content requested is filtered through up to eight layers of checking, including URL checking, anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-spyware/malware, custom rules and reporting, all while the EdgeXOS platform is ensuring accelerated connectivity through WAN bonding and 99.999% uptime through automated multi-link redundancy.

Global Web Filtering & Reporting

With the EdgeXOS platform scanning and redirecting new website requests in real-time our customers can be assured that access to unauthorized websites will be reported and blocked.

Our global web filtering solution is easy to implement, requires no changes to desktop systems or installation of client software, users simply login via login page presented when they go to initiate web connectivity. Some of the specs on our web filtering services include:

  • Instantly allow/deny sites
  • Bypass Specific Users
  • Real-Time Web Usage Reporting
  • PreDefined Category Blocking
  • Capable of handling over 200,000 RPS

End-Point Web Threat Protection

powered by Webroot

By integrating with the end-point client the EdgeXOS platform provides a unique combination of enhanced threat protection with real-time security acceleration for organizations of all shapes and sizes. The advantages delivered by this integration include:

  • Desktop-Based Security Audits
  • Local Site Caching & System Scanning
  • Accelerated Real-Time Protection
  • Multiple Reporting Layers
  • Enhanced Traffic Shaping & Prioritization

With the EdgeXOS platform accelerating and redirecting the end-point client requests customers are guaranteed faster web downloads, improved prioritization, centralized network administration, and greater network reporting.

Some of the additional benefits of the end-point solution include:

Search Response Modification

Search that come back can be modified in real-time so that the end-user can see which sites would be blocked and which "might" be blocked and are placed in the "coached" category for further checking, all traffic is logged.

Service Management / Keyword Tracking

Manage company Internet use and security policies via an intuitive web-based management console. Administrators can securely access a powerful rules engine to facilitate user, group and account level access policies. A real-time Web traffic summary dashboard displays company Web site access by category (12 main and 96 sub-categories) and popular search terms. The desktop Web proxy allows for seamless authentication into the service for mobile and on-site users, and it can be automatically updated to the latest version.

Real-Time Logging & Reporting

Real-time logs display which sites and downloads users have attempted to access and whether or not they were allowed. With logs accessible for 90 days, administrators can access the historical information they need to generate key metrics.

Detailed reports can be run ad-hoc or scheduled, allowing companies to accurately monitor Internet use by viewing graphs on Web traffic trends, top blocked URLs, blocked malware, bandwidth use and more. Scheduled reports can be set up to be distributed via email to a user, or a list of users, and can contain up to 100 separate charts for maximum visibility into company and user Internet use.