ApeXfilter™ Cloud Threat Protection

XRoads Networks EdgeXOS platforms incorporate next generation application and web content filtering with built-in caching and acceleration technology. Our web content filtering is entirely appliance-based, meaning there is no external software required, simply connect the appliance to the network and all traffic traversing the appliance will be filtered.

This security solution is based on advanced machine learning (MED) techniques which scrubs new content in order to quickly and effectively categorize it. The EdgeXOS platform leverages Webroot's threat analysis system and database which has categorized nearly 10 billion URLs and hundreds of millions of top level domains.


  • Nearly 10 Billion URLs Categoried
  • Hundreds of Millions of Top Level Domains
  • Over 40 Languages
  • Scan of over 500 Million Data Files
  • 3.5+ Million Mobile Applications Scored
  • Over 500 Million IP Addresses Analyzed
  • New Phishing Page Detection In Less Than 10 Seconds
  • 80+ Content Filtering Categories
  • Forced Safe Search
  • CIPA and HIPPA Complaint

The ApeXfilter™ includes enhanced features and functionality not found in other web filtering appliances, including non-web ppplication filtering to lock down cloud-based services, IP reputation filtering to block malicious IP's instead of just URLs, and web threat protection services which prevent multiple types of Internet born threats, including the blocking of Malware, Viruses, Spyware, and Phishing attacks. When combined with XRoads Networks patented link bonding technology (Accelibond™) and caching capabilities, the ApeXfilter™ application filter is the pinnacle in content filtering.

The maximum entropy discrimination algorithm employed by the ApeXfilter™ is the most advanced categorization technology of its kind which has set new records in terms of reputation assignment with a less than 2% error rate.

In addition to the ApeXfilter's unique capabilities, it also includes a host of standard content filtering options, including Time of Day Controls, and Category-based filtering:

Time of Day Controls

Determine which filtering rules are apply at what times during the day or which days of the week. The network administrator has full control over how web access is granted.

Category Controls

Determine which categories apply and which file types are blocked. Prevent end-users from accessing sites which to not comply with the organizations policies and/or block the download of files which may contain data which is not authorized or which may pose a risk.

XRoads Networks also has its own desktop web protection client which can be installed on end-users desktop, laptop and smartphone systems in order to provide per-user content access control and reporting. This is done via our WEBaXcel DWP client.