ApeXfilter: "Bandwidth Management Firewall"


Apexfilter (Bandwidth Management Firewall) includes the ability to throttle bandwidth and prioritize mission critical applications. In combination with our Adaptiband technology administrators can setup traffic shaping policies as well as dynamically throttle top users to prevent bandwidth hogging.

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Apexfilter (Bandwidth Management Firewall) has the unique ability to bond multiple Internet links in order to scale bandwidth as needed across two or more broadband, T1, DSL, Cable or wireless links. No other firewall solution on the market has this type of capability.

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Apexfilter (Bandwidth Management Firewall) is a unique and technology which provides realtime web threat protection from malware, spyware and viruses. Administrators can also setup content filtering rules based on category or file type.

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Why an EdgeXOS Bandwidth Management Firewall Solution?

Secure, Redundant, and Optimized Internet Connectivity is what XRoads Networks delivers in the worlds first Bandwidth Management Firewall solutions. The questions to ask include: Is it important to prevent my users from accessing malware, spyware, and viruses?, Is Internet access critical to your organization?, Do your end-users ever complain about slow Internet or application access over the network? If your organization wants to ensure protected, fast and efficent access to mission critical cloud-based applications then the unique "bandwidth management firewall" solution from XRoads Networks is a must.