About ZeroOutages

ZeroOutages is a division of XRoads Networks

ZeroOutages is a global SDN (Software Defined Networking) and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) company with a global presence that specializes in reducing connectivity costs. Our three primary services FlexPREMsdwan™, FlexPOINTvpn™, and FlexSTREAMswg™ provide a comprehensive approach to network management and security. ZeroOutages is the only company that provides this type of hybrid on-premise and endpoint solution.

FlexPREM SD-WAN - This on-premise solution enables organziations of all shapes and sizes to ensure 24/7/365 uptime for their office locations through intelligent SD-WAN routing and two or more Internet broadband connections. The FlexPREM solutions are paired with virtual IP services to ensure that in the event of a link failure, application traffic continues to function using the same public IP address, thus preventing lost calls, phone resets, or the need to re-login to cloud-based applications.

FlexPOINT VPN - This endpoint solution extends network management and security to the workstation and/or remote worker. With FlexPOINT our customers can achieve the most flexibility while lowering overall costs and improving network security for the entire organization. FlexPOINT enables IT managers to control network access via cloud-based VLANs and firewall policies. Why have overlapping security components when ZeroOutages FlexPOINT can handle everything for you in one cost effective solution.

FlexSTREAM SCG - This cloud-based solution enables enterprise-class network security for customers that are looking for improved security and threat detection that is scalable and comprehensive. FlexSTREAM is based on the latest AI security and comes with SOC response (including SophosLabs detailed analysis). FlexSTREAM can be combined with endpoint protection to provide next level threat tracing in order to understand exactly where the security issues initiated, how it attempted to spread and what was the target. A truly comprehensive security solution for todays distributed work environment.

By combining FlexPREM, FlexPOINT and FlexSTREAM customers can get the best of all worlds, i.e. highly reliable office connectivity and highly secure workstation and teleworker connectivity.

ZeroOutages has been a leader in SDN and SASE since 2009, has multiple patents in SD-WAN technology, and has over 5000 deployments in over 140 countries.

ZeroOutages was highlighted by Gartner research as an evolutionary leader in the SD-WAN space.

ZeroOutages senior management team consists of experts in their fields who each have over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. ZeroOutages team includes project managers, engineers and customer assistance supervisors, our support structure consists of three tiers located in three separate network operation centers (North Carolina, Texas, and California). All ZeroOutages development and support is located within the United States.

Company History

ZeroOutages Is A Leader In The SD-WAN Industry


ZeroOutages Partners with Sophos

ZeroOutages has released its latest version of its cloud security services, through its unique partnership with Sophos. Sophos provides unsurpassed network security services which have now been integrated within ZeroOutages SD-WAN global infrastructure, providing enhanced end-point and cloud-based security for our customers worldwide.


CloudDMZ Service Launch

ZeroOutages launches its innovative and unique CloudDMZ solutions as part of its FlexPrem SD-WAN service and virtualization initative for its MSP partners.


ZeroOutages Signs Major MSP Partners

ZeroOutages has partnered with several of the largest managed service providers in the industry to deliver custom SD-WAN solutions for mid-to-large organizations.


Multiple Master Agencies

ZeroOutages signs partnerships with multiple master agencies and enters the telecom channel by signing five major accounts in the hospitality, retail, and health care sectors.


Multiple Patents Awarded

ZeroOutages is awarded multiple patents on its SD-WAN technology, including WAN bonding, metric testing, and dynamic Best Path Routing™.


ZeroOutages Formally Launched

XRoads Networks, the parent of ZeroOutages announced ZeroOutages, the first offical SD-WAN company at Channel Partners in Las Vegas.


First to SAAS Circuit Management

The first "SD-WAN" company to provide link load balancing services as part of a "software as a service" solution.