Why Deploy SD-WAN Services?

ZeroOutages SD-WAN solutions help our customers lower costs, improve redundancy, and increase the performance of their existing Internet connectivity. ZeroOutages delivers its services via our global SD-WAN network, click here to learn more.

Lower Telecom Costs

ZeroOutages SD-WAN service can lower overall network costs by enabling our customers to fully utilize their existing bandwidth. Many businesses have two network connections today, ZeroOutages enables these customers to fully utilize their network links. Don't let secondary broadband links sit idle.

Increase Network QoS & Performance

By combining multiple Internet connections ZeroOutages can increase overall network bandwidth. In the event of high latency or minor packet loss on one of the links, ZeroOutages will dynamically shift applications over to the better performing link. This service includes bandwidth prioritization and traffic shaping.

Virtual IP Address

One of the more unique capabilities of an SD-WAN service is the ability to provide a virtual address which is shared across each of our customers Internet links. This means that regardless of which link is being used at any given time, the traffic comes from the same IP address, which is critical for application failover.

Improve Redundancy

Ensuring reliable connectivity to the cloud has become mission critical for most organizations. With our fast failover technology, customers can be assured that in the event of an ISP outage or circuit failure, that their applications will continue to work, without having to log back in or re-dial a phone number.

Network Aggregation

FlexPrem combines each Internet link in order to improve overall performance for end-users. The ZeroOutages onsite appliance will dynamically route sessions across each connection and optimize the balancing of critical application traffic, click here to learn more.

Network Redundancy

FlexPrem can leverage multiple Internet service provider circuits in order to provide instant failover for an organizations critical applications. When a link experiences increase latency and/or packet loss, ZeroOutages will automatically re-route sessions across the remaining active links, click here to learn more.

Network-to-Network Connectivity

FlexPrem enables customers to connect multiple offices together via our global SD-WAN infrastructure. Any two or more VIP services can be combined in the cloud so that they can route traffic between each office. This is done via a secure encrypted private connection between the locations, click here to learn more.

SD-WAN Dashboard

Gain A Competitive Advantage with SD-WAN

ZeroOutages' SD-WAN solutions enable IT administrators to reduce costs by over 50%, improve application performance, and deployments to occur within a fraction of the time of typical hardware installations. ZeroOutages site deployments can take less than 15 minutes to get up and running.

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