ZeroOutages introduces the first of its kind cloud-based endpoint protection system. FlexSTREAM is easy to deploy, does not require any software installation, and provides complete protection for end-users connecting to web sites and/or critical cloud services like Office365, Dropbox, GoogleDoc, etc.

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Cloud-Based Endpoint Protection

The FlexSTREAM secure cloud gateway (SCG) service enables customers to implement 'endpoint protection' in the cloud, thus eliminating traditional software deployments. FlexSTREAM sits on top of any existing network security, and is 100% compatible with firewalls and other installed anti-virus or malware protection solutions. FlexSTREAM is specifically designed for the telecom industry, being 100% cloud-based, and delivers enhanced security to any circuit deployment, thus providing "secure circuit" services.

Unlimited Scalability

FlexSTREAM provides enterprise customers with a highly scalable solution that incorporates AI-based intelligence in order to quickly detect and eliminate potential security violations. With ZeroOutages cloud deployment performance is fast and reliable across geographically disperse data centers.

Granular SSL Inspection

Full decryption for both inbound and outbound traffic means that threats can be inspected and detected no matter where they hide. Hackers can no longer prevent their ransomware and malicious code from being seen within encrypted SSL sessions when organizations implement ZeroOutages FlexSTREAM service.

Secure Cloud Application Services

FlexSTREAM protects organizations of all shapes and sizes against attacks that occur within data streams to the their mission critical cloud-based applications. When a user connects to a cloud service, like Office365, or other, a hacker might compromise the application or inject malware via redirects in an attempt to get end-users to execute ransomware or other attack on the organization. FlexSTREAM is designed to analyize each session in real-time and determine if there is any malicious code being passed and/or injected into the stream. FlexSTREAM incorporates the very latest AI-based security to analyize and eliminate threats before they get to your network, based on our #1 rated ransomware prevention technology.


Organizations that have Amazon Web Servers can now protection end-users from inject attacks when accessing these servers.


Organizations that have Azure Servers can now ensure that Sharepoint and other apps can be securely accessed without manipulation.


Let your end-users access Office365 over the Internet in a secure manner.


Let your end-users access GoogleDocs in without worrying about hack attempts within data uploads and downloads.


Organizations that have Dropbox folders can now easily share files that are scanned to prevent ransomware and malware.


Organizations that have Box secure folders can now easily share files that are scanned to prevent ransomware and malware.


Ensure secure access to cloud-based CRM and ERP applications like SalesForce.


Ensure secure access to cloud-based CRM and ERP applications like NetSuite.

and many more

Protect end-users, whether they work from home, the office, or on the road. Our customers get the most out of the cloud.

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