The FASTEST Content Filtering in the Industry

ZeroOutages CloudSecurity for SMB customers includes a very fast and secure content filtering solution for customers not ready for the full ORION platform. Our cloud-based content filtering solution delivers global or per site filtering for customers and can be deployed via a thin client for remote workers. This ensures that the same content controls can be put in place for all end-users within the organization. ZeroOutages cloud-based content filtering enables our customers to identify which sites are utilizing the Internet the most and which sites they are accessing.

Customers have the ability to control content access based on a number of categories, the sites within these categories are updated automatically and dynamically within the cloud. Specific sites can be allowed or denied based on the organizations requirements. These content management is defined within policies which are then tied to specific sites, individual users (via the thin client), or globally.

The cloud-based content filtering service protects not only against viruses and malware, but can also ensure that end-users are not accessing sites which violate the organizations standards and procedures.

Gain visibility in to where users are going and how the network is being utilized. Administrators can select from over 50 categories based on application and URL type. Reporting includes top sites, top users, top threats, and threat management.

Accelerate CRM/ERP

Network control can be applied down to individual devices on the network, or with our client application, control can be extended to remote users such as laptops and home office systems.