SD-WAN Solutions


ZeroOutages has several specialized solutions which it has developed for specific types of customers. The table below demostrates these solutions and how new customers can benefit from our extensive experience in these area.

Service Name Description
MPLS Replacement ZeroOutages has been assisting organizations of all sizes replace their MPLS networks for the past 5+ years. Our first MPLS customers were leveraging T1 links and realized over a quarter million dollars per year in savings. Let our team find out what we can save your organization.
Instant VPN Failover Our FlexPrem SD-WAN™ solutions have the ability to provide instant failover for existing IPSec VPN tunnels. Customers that would like to keep their current VPN configuration, but would like to add instant failover, can utilize ZeroOutages ZO-IP services.
Advanced Retail Solutions ZeroOutages has over 7 years of experience in deploying and managing retail networks, including the development of custom routing and security solutions for PBX to VoIP conversions, point-of-sale control, gift card processing, inventory management systems, and conversion to cloud-based retail management applications. See how we can reduce costs, increase security, and help your organization achieve PCI compliance.
HealthCare Solutions With hundreds of medical practices under management, ZeroOutages has developed standard and turn-key templates that work well for most doctors offices, clinics, and urgent care centers. When customers have more unique requirements, the flexibility of ZeroOutages solutions give our customers options. ZeroOutages helps customers achieve full HIPAA compliance.
MSP Solutions Our Managed Service Provider partners are granted special services which provide a combination of SD-WAN, security, and quality of service with all services managed via our ZOOM global management portal.