Product Bundles

Our UBM platform are an 'all-in-one' single box solution which leverages the power of the cloud to deliver various real-time network services. The platform is also modular so the network administrator can choose which functions they wish to use and so that our customers may leverage the combined bandwidth management capabilities in order to deliver additional value.

Bundled Solutions

In addition to our standard UBM appliances, XRoads Networks also offers specific product bundles which incorporate specific feature sets and annual support services at discounted rates. These bundles include:

Network QoS & Shaper (Bandwidth Manager) - These solutions allow for granular control over bandwidth through the use of policy-based shaping rules and the prioritization of traffic to ensure resources for critical applications. Includes annual platform maintenance and support for one year.

Network Load Balancer (ISP Balancer) - These solutions provide WAN link balancing/bonding for faster Internet connectivity and automated failover, they include Best Path Routing and ActiveDNS technologies with annual platform maintenance and support for one year.

Network-to-Network Optimizer (VPN Bonding) - These solutions optimize performance and redundancy for organizations with two or more offices. Our VPN bonding solutions provide MPLS failover, multi-MPLS bonding, or the bonding of multiple Internet links between offices for faster and more reliable connectivity.

WEBaXcel™ Web Filtering (Cloud Security) - These unique solutions deliver a hybrid web filtering solution, wherein you have local caching along with a cloud-based real-time filtering engine for fast and highly reliable content management and industry leading spyware protection and web acceleration. Additional unique features include built-in traffic shaping and multi-WAN balancing/bonding support. Includes annual platform maintenance and support for one year.

Each of our bundled solutions include our core multi-WAN capabilities and since the EdgeXOS platform is completely modular each network administrator can determine which capabilities they wish to use immediately, and which they wish to activate later.

  • MultiLink Vector Routing
  • Application Acceleration
  • Best Path Routing
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Cloud Firewall
  • Site2Site SSL Tunneling
  • Web Threat Protection
  • Email Defense
  • XFlow Network Reporting
  • SNMP/Syslog/sFlow Logging