ZOOM Management Portal

Each SD-WAN appliance reports back to the ZOOM global management portal. This portal enables our MSP partners and their customers to view all of their deployed appliances, and easily perform configuration tasks when needed. With the ZOOM portal our MSP partners can now quickly identify and resolve network issues.

Each SD-WAN appliance communicates with the ZOOM portal to provide reporting and allow for easy configuration. The ZOOM service is hosted by XRoads Networks for its MSP partners. This service is hosted the deployed within the AWS cloud and is deployed in a highly scalable and redundant manner across multiple regions for geographic resiliency. In fact, over the course of the last ten years the ZOOM portal has accumulated less than 3 hours of total downtime, including planned maintenance periods.

Unlike other SD-WAN services that are "packet-based" the XRoads Networks solutions does not rely on its data center services to keep our SD-WAN appliances functional and passing traffic for our customers. If each of our data centers were to fail, the only issue would be that you could no longer centrally manage the devices. Each device could still be manageable directly if needed. If this were to happen to our competitors, your customers would be hard down.

The ZOOM portal is accessible via a secure web session. The portal is designed to be accessed from either a PC or mobile device. The portal does not require Java or other non-standard browser add-ons in order to function making it highly portable.

Network administrators can use the ZOOM portal to view the status of each UBM device and quickly respond to network issues, including outages, high latency, or heavy bandwidth usage. Additionally the ZOOM portal can be used to plan bandwidth upgrades and set email alerts to be triggered when a remote device reports an issue.

WAN Gateway Inventory Listing
This report lists all of your ZeroOutages inventory, onsite contacts, serial numbers and whether the remote devices are actively reporting back to the ZOOM portal.

Device Tunnel/Information
This report allows customers to see exactly how the various WAN interfaces are configured on a per site basis, check the status of the links, see the deployment mode, understand how much bandwidth each link is using. When Site2Site tunnels are being utilized they are listed, along with the performance statistics of the tunnels and the most recent speed test conducted between sites. This information enables customers to quickly see how their network is provisioned and request changes as necessary.

Network Usage Reporting
The portal provides numerous network usage reports, including bandwidth usage on a per site basis as well as the amount of bandwidth used for top applications. This reporting is provided in real-time and is summarized for long-term viewing. ZOOM usage reporting is collected for up to a year and allows customers to determine when network upgrades will be required based on past utilization levels. Additionally, the various usage reports enable customers to see how bandwidth is being used, by which applications, and during what periods of the day. This leads to better bandwidth management and reduced telecommunication costs.

Service Level Agreement Reporting
Beyond network usage reporting, the ZOOM portal also incorporates detailed SLA reports in order to better understand how remote applications are being accessed, whether there are any problems with the connectivity to those applications, and how to better manage access to these remote applications when multiple routes are available. ZeroOutages Best Path Routing functionality is unique in the industry and was originally developed by ZeroOutages parent company (XRoads Networks) over 15 years ago for improving cloud application performance.

WAN Link Monitoring
The ZOOM portal also allows the ZeroOutages engineering team to perform more detailed network testing for customers that are experiencing problems with their WAN links. CUSTOMERS DON'T EVER NEED TO DEAL WITH THE SERVICE PROVIDER. As part of the ZeroOutages service, our engineering team contacts and works with service providers to resolve network issues, poor performance, and unmet SLAs. Get peace of mind with the ZeroOutages solution and see the improvements via the ZOOM portal reporting and WAN link scoring that is provided herein.