BGPproxy™ Cloud Acceleration Platforms

What is a BGPproxy? This is XRoads Networks' WAN optimization solution specifically designed for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), school districts and educational institutions, and large financial services organizatios. However, any enterprise customer that has an existing BGP deployment and wishes to more fully utilize their multiple WAN links can benefit from accelerating their cloud-based services. The BGPproxy™ improves the performance of existing BGP network connections by accelerating and aggregating HTTP and HTTPS traffic without having to make any changes to the existing BGP protocol configuration.

The BGPproxy appliances monitor the existing BGP connections, determines how web/SSL traffic is currently being routed, and modifies the routing based on the network administrators preferences and via our own patented session-based acceleration techniques.

Our ZOOM service is the name of our ZeroOutages global management system. ZOOM enables improved cloud-service performance by optimizing and accelerating end-user sessions across multipe ISP connections. The BGPproxy performs further route optimization by utilizing route updates from the ZOOM service which utilizes route probing in order to have a better understanding of the entire Internet infrastrcture.

With this unique functionality the BGPproxy delivers accelerated cloud-based services unlike any other solution on the market.