Product Families

The EdgeXOS platform was designed from the ground up to provide various forms of network optimization. The XRoads Operating System (XOS) includes our unique UBM architecture. Each EdgeXOS platform is built on a solid state hardware platform which provides scalable performance for both the SMB and Enterprise markets.

UBM Enterprise Family

The UBM family of products incorporate all of the functionality of the EdgeXOS platform. The full licensing enables customers to take advantage of all of the capabilities of the product line. The extensive feature sets provide granular network control however the web interface ensures that configuration is easy to master.

Additionally only the UBM family includes our advanced VPN Virtualization™ technology.

aXcel Dedicated Solution Family

The aXcel family of products is designed for simple installation and inexpensive scalability. The aXcel platform can support network throughput rates from 20Mbps up to 300Mbps and have solution specific licensing in order to make deploying the aXcel appliances quick and easy.