WAN Optimization

XRoads Networks has developed a unique SD-WAN and WAN Optimization combination via our UBM-X platforms. WAN Optimization is the ability to take existing sessions or streams of data and compressing, accelerating, and caching those packets in order to speed up the time and reduce the amount of bandwidth needed to complete task.

This improves productivity and lowers network and telecom costs. When deployed to international sites, the advantages of WAN optimization can be significant. Deployed to over 46 countries our WAN Optimization solutions help large multi-site organizations including financial firms with over 150,000 employees.


Universal Deduplication - Cross flow deduplication removes deduplicate byte patterns, irrespective of source protocol, application or session that originated the initial data. Byte patterns are saved persistently on disk for future network matches.

Stream Compression - Real time stream compression of network data on the fly for higher compression ratios, acceleration & bandwidth savings.

TCP Acceleration - The full transparent TCP Acceleration Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) can significantly enhance TCP performance with High Speed TCP.

Packet Loss Recovery - Packet Loss Recovery and Forward Error Correction recover from loss early which ensures data is delivered reliably, improves link quality, improves application performance and accelerates TCP.

Packet Order Correction - Correcting packet order on the fly helps avoid the negative performance impacts and retransmissions due to out of order packets.